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-= [ AlligatorCon Europe 2021 ] =-
UNDER CONSTRUCTION It took a deadly global pandemic and a coup d'etat, but our Reptilian Overlords from Outer Space have finally managed to cancel us. We will be coming back in full force in 2022, ready to make up for it with more hacking, more debauchery, and more 90's retro style. To the many awesome folks who sent us your proposals to the CFP, we will be keeping in touch with you for the next edition of AlligatorCon. To our fellow alligators, all we can say is: stay home, stay safe, hack the planet and always keep the party going! Here are some links to the content from past years, in case y'all want to reminisce:
  • 2019 - AlligatorCon, Hell Yeah!
  • 2018 - Keep Calm And AlligatorCon
  • 2017 - Do Not Talk About AlligatorCon
  • 2016 - The Horror! The Monstrosity! The Lulz!
  • 2015 - The Alligator Goes International

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